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Higgens Center  
Training provided:
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Nonproliferation and Export Controls
  • History off Biological and Chemical Weapons
  • Emerging Strategic Threats and Unintended Consequences
  • Recruitment and Radicalization within Prison Systems
  • Red Cell Teaming exercises
  • Threats from CBRNE
  • Islamist Terrorism 101
  • Global Insurgency, Al Qaeda, and the Islamist Underground in the U.S.
  • Intelligence Analysis and Source Development
  • Middle East Culture and Islamist Operations Course
  • The Muslim Brotherhood
  • How Clandestine Cells Operate
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Counterintelligence Training for First Responders and their organizations
  • Exercise Dark Sun -- a real-time one-day classroom counter-terror exercise for first responders at the local level. It is designed to exercise city, state and federal authorities and agencies in their responsibilities and actions when confronted with a major terrorist attack. The exercise focuses on the need for a clear chain of command and close coordination and interaction by all agencies involved in dealing with the attacks.

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