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Higgens Center  

Your support of The Higgins Counterterrorism Center is critical in winning a battle we cannot afford to lose. The Higgins Counterterrorism Center is a recognized 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

The Higgins Counterterrorism Center is funded through charitable contributions from private U.S. individuals and foundations that recognize the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism. The Higgins Counterterrorism Center does not accept funding from any government agency or political or religious institutions - the support of private individuals is critically important to maintaining independence from any political pressures or bias. It is only through contributions from individuals like you that we are able to continue our investigations, expand our operations, and hire writers, translators, legal advisers, and skilled operatives to respond to the hundreds of requests we receive for help each month from U.S. government agencies and world media.

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Send your donation to:

Higgins Counterrorism Research Center
P.O. Box 5735
Arlington, Virginia 22205

Phone: 703-380-3386
Fax: 703-241-4153

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